Why do NGOs play such a big role in access to HIV care in Ukraine? In this episode, we visit a clinic run by AHF in Kiev, a non-profit organisation spearheading the fight against the disease. We also talk to Andrew from the 'Dialog Hub', a safe space designed to teach youth about sexual education and other taboo topics such as drug use.

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S3E1: The rise of Ukraine’s youth in the fight against HIV

March 9, 2020

Youth engagement in ensuring access to HIV treatment and reducing stigma in Ukraine is on the rise. In this episode, we speak to Dany Stolbunov from Teenergizer, a Kiev-based youth-led organization working to combat the HIV epidemic, about how Ukraine's youth population is leading the way.

S2E4: How do we design cities for better well-being?

December 30, 2019

In the final episode of Season 2, we speak to two associates from Gehl Architects, Louise Kielgast and Julia Day, about how urban design affects our health as well as possible solutions to improving well-being in cities.

S2E3: Can graphic design save your life?

December 3, 2019

In this episode, we speak to Lucienne Roberts of GraphicDesign&. In 2017, she opened an exhibition at the Wellcome Trust Collection documenting the role of graphic design in healthcare. But can graphic design design actually save your life?

S2E2: Is architecture a human right?

November 19, 2019

In this episode, we discuss how architecture can contribute to the well-being of refugee and other vulnerable populations, and whether architecture is in fact a human right. We hear from Michele Di Marco from Emergency Architecture and Human Rights (EAHR) as well as Olga Popovic Larsen from the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (KADK).

S2E1: How can the design of a hospital affect your health?

November 5, 2019

Healthcare professionals and medications are the cornerstone of treatment; but something we don't often think about is how the hospital itself is affecting our health. In this episode, we explore the importance of hospital design, interview a hospital architect in Copenhagen, and reflect on how design principles can be tailored to specific patient sub-populations.

S1E6: Where is the Accountability in India’s Healthcare Sector?

September 18, 2019

Forced procedures, violated patient rights and a tricky legal system. In this insightful episode, we talk to Dr. Edward Premdas Pinto of the Center for Health and Social Justice in New Delhi, India, about accountability in the Indian healthcare sector. This is the final episode of Season 1 of the podcast, with the theme of 'Urban Health in India'.

S1E5: Reverse Innovation - What can India teach the rest of the world?

September 11, 2019

We explore the concept of Reverse Innovation, one that broadly speaking reverses the innovation trend: innovations in poorer countries being adopted in richer ones. The concept has been pioneered particularly in the business and management world, but has great implications in the healthcare space. This is part of Season 1 of the podcast, focusing on 'Urban Health in India'.

S1E4: Healthcare-in-a-box - Building health access from the ground up with the Swasth Foundation

September 4, 2019

A conversation with the founder of the Swasth Foundation, Sundeep Kapila, about starting the foundation and creating a vast network of healthcare facilities from the ground up. He talks about how his experience as a management consultant helped shape his vision for healthcare in India, and the progress the foundation has made thus far. This is part of Season 1 of the podcast, within the theme of 'Urban Health in India'.

S1E3: Slum Health and Barefoot Researchers

August 29, 2019

In this episode, we discuss some of the major health challenges faced in urban slum populations, looking in particular at those in Mumbai, India. Additionally, we speak to two 'barefoot researchers' about their work in the field. This is part of Season 1 of the podcast, with the theme of 'Urban Health in India'.